A place to nest some things

I am trying to figure out something about the influence of psychedelics on the so-called “trapped priors”, and also some things about negative bias, emotional learning and whether we could use immersive tech instead of (or together with) drugs to “un-trap” the priors.

Primary interest: Figure out how things work!

Motivation: Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually recover from at least some of your psych conditions instead of simply “managing” them and having to pay your therapist for the rest of your life? *I don’t hold any personal grudges against therapists and respect their work immensely*

I am starting this blog to put some (mostly speculative, often patchy) contemplations down (as in “to register them” or as in “to get rid of them”– time will tell).

Spoiler: A lot of this will be heavily influenced by Astral Codex Ten, Less Wrong Community, the discourse bubble grown around listening to Making Sense & Rationally Speaking podcasts, and generally by whatever random interest in things I encounter while living in a new city during a global pandemic.

Applying thoughts to things